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Do I need to be registered to access the service?

Yes, however the registration is asked only to finalise the order

How does the application work?

It's easy! Choose the frame you prefer, take a picture or upload it from your gallery, edit it if necessary, enter your information. Save the sticker/card and you're done!

What are the costs of the MyPanini™ service?

The cost varies according to the chosen product. You can find more details below:

MyPanini™ Cards

Team Mates: 1 card x 7 copies = 9,90€ 1 card x 14 copies = 11,90€

Fans’ Favourite: 1 card x 7 copies = 11,90€

Rising star & Goal Stopper : 1card x 5 copies = 13,90€

Game Changers: 1 card x 3 copies = 15,90

Top Master: 1 card x 1 copy = 19,90€

Invincible: 1 card x 1 copy = 24,90€

*MyPanini™ Sticker *

1 sticker x 10 copies = 9,90€

1 sticker x 20 copies= 11,90€

1 sticker x 30 copies= 13,90€

Can I upload all the images I want?

You can use images for which you are sure you have all the rights. You cannot upload pictures taken from the web or showing elements protected by copyright: famous people, monuments, photomontages. Additionally, according to our enterprise policy, you cannot use:

  • Images with political content (politic symbols included);
  • Images exalting war or violence (weapons included);
  • Images with explicit sexual content or obscenities
  • Images of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Any generally vulgar or offensive image

Which image formats are supported?

The recommended format is JPG (with RGB color model). GIF images are also accepted. Warning: please do not use images with the following characteristics:

  • Files with a size smaller than 50KB or bigger than 4MB;
  • Graphic files with CMYK color model;
  • Files saves as "interlaced

Which is the best angle?

We recommend to use a close-up shot; the subject should not wear turtleneck clothing (such as shirts or woolsweaters) to avoid it from being visible after the application of the team t-shirt through the MyPanini service. You can also choose to not applicate a team t-shirt to leave the clothing worn by the subject visible.

When will I receive my order?

The shipping of your order depends on the result of our controls on the image/s you have uploaded. Therefore, use only images for which you have the rights. In this way, the verification of your order will be much faster and you will be able to receive your personalised stickers sooner! The delivery depends on the courier you choose and on the country you live. The product is delivered within 30 days following the day Panini receives payment.

Please give us all information and details (a picture of the code that seems to be not working, the email you used to sign up, the collection you are interested in, etc...) that can help us to solve your problem quickly.

Thank you!